Previews and Reports

This page is dedicated to all of the posts I have done that preview or report on a certain events, whether it is on rallying, football or televised shows.


Rally Germany 2015 Classic

Click here for every report on the 2015 World Rally Championship season.
Click here for every report on the 2015 European Rally Championship season.

Want to know why I am so interested in motorsport?
Then click here to find out!


One of the most popular sports on the planet, football is something that I really enjoy watching and writing about, whether it features international, national or local teams.

Thurrock FC Stadium

Click here for every report on the 2014 FIFA World Cup.
Click here for my preview of the 2016/17 Premier League.

Non-league football is something I really enjoy supporting, especially my local club.
Find out why I think it is great value for money here.


My favourite music event of the year, the Eurovision Song Contest never fails to produce high quality and wacky entries. This annual show is something I have loved since 2005 and also love reporting on it and discussing views with other ESC fans.

Click here to visit the page for the 2016 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

In late 2016 I did a few reviews of Class, a spin-off of Doctor Who. Click here for part one of these reviews.
For the 2017 series of Doctor Who, I am reviewing every episode. Click here to visit the home page for these reviews.

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